About SARE Director

Laura Murphy joined the SARE program and the Robinson lab in the spring of 2018. Laura directs the SARE program, including interacting with community partners to identify our stellar SARE scholars, overseeing the admissions process, and developing and executing the curriculum. Laura also coordinates the CSM Initiative, which is our umbrella pipeline program. In the lab, Laura is actively engaged in scientific research, in particular deciphering how nonmuscle myosin IIB mechanoresponsiveness helps guide cellular decision making and fate.

Laura graduated from Mount Holyoke with her degrees in Biology and Dance. As an undergraduate, Laura was a teaching assistant in mathematics and astronomy and an undergraduate mentor for chemistry and physics. Laura continues to practice the art of dance, occasionally defying the laws of gravity even in the lab. In her off time from SARE, Laura teaches dance at Kinetics Dance Theatre and Stars Studio

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